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As a result of our experience with multinational clients in the area of Marbella, we offer a wide array of services. Our ambition is always to cater for all your needs, and ensure you do not need to deal with multiple companies. If you are seeking a service not mentioned here, just contact us, and we will find a solution for you!

Buying a property

Buying a property in Spain is joyful and exciting event, however often not without complications. As a buyer, you need to ensure the agent you are with is working on your behalf only. Navigating between the many different areas, property types and reputations is a big handful. We guarantee to invest our time and energy in finding the right property for you. And in our opinion, that is a property which serves both as a great investment, and as a source of joy. Read more about all the aspects of buying a property, and how we can help in this guide here.

Selling your property

The decision to sell your property is a big decision, and we would be proud to help with finding the right buyer. When selling a property it is important to list at the right price, present the property in a professional manner and ensure it reaches the right clients. If you choose us to list your property we will ensure to handle all aspects, and keep you updated on the progress and the market. We both work on an exclusive and non-exclusive basis, leaving the choice to you. You can read more about the sales and listing procedure, in our guide here.

Valuation of your property

If you are considering to sell your property, you should only do so when you are certain of its real value. Many factors plays a role in this, and it can be difficult to decipher the property prices.

Properties for sale on Costa del Sol are sometimes listed at inflated prices, above the market value. Estimating the value of your property can be complex and looking at all parameters is necessary. We always provide a comprehensive valuation report, in which we explain the basis of our estimations. Getting a valuation of your property if of course not committing in any way. To get a valuation of your property, read more about the service here.

Property & Rental Management

Owning a property can be a big task, especially if you do not live in Spain permanently. We can assist in all matters regarding the management of your property, and eliminate your worries. Operating on a very transparent basis, our prices are clear and reasonable without any surprises. We adjust the agreement to suit your demands, and will always act with your interests in mind. Read more about our property management programme in this section.

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