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Economy - Owning a property in Spain

If you own a property in Marbella, Estepona, Benahavis or any other city, you will have three recurring expenses. IBI is the annual property tax paid to the government, depending on the property value. On average 2-6% of the property price, but it can vary a lot depending on each property. It is also necessary to pay garbage tax, normally around 200€ per year, except in Benahavis where it is 18€ per year. At last you need to pay community fees, normally in the range 100-500€ per month. Get more details in Avante Real Estate’s guide to buy property in Spain.

The tax to buy an existing property in Spain is between 12-14%. It varies a little bit depending on the price of the property. The tax for an off-plan property, or a brand new property is 10%. When you own a property you need to pay an annual garbage tax (basura), government tax (IBI) and community fees. You can read a lot more in Avante’s guide to buy property in Spain.

Living in Spain

Properties in Spain are popular in all parts of the world, and Costa del Sol is a multi cultural area. In Marbella and its neighbouring areas there are residents from Europe, Russia, Africa and some Americans. Costa del Sol does not experience any racial problems despite the many cultures and religions. Avante Real Estate & Investment respect all religions, cultures and orientations on an equal level.

After some turbulent years following the global crisis, and regulative problems for real estate in Marbella, the market has stabilised. Activity is high, and with a wide range of properties it is an healthy and attractive place to invest. The property buyers have returned to Costa del Sol, and property prices are increasing with 5-10% annually. If you want to invest in a property in Spain, Costa del Sol is one of the most attractive areas. The Spanish banks provides mortgage, up to 70% (80% for residents), based on a healthy economy. Property laws are strict, and developers operate in a sensible manner to avoid collapse of projects. Even so, with Avante Real Estate Marbella on your side, nothing is left to itself.

We estimate that in the spring 2019, around 17.000 properties are for sale on Costa del Sol. Around 2.000 of the properties are new developments or off-plan properties. Avante Real Estate Marbella have access to all of them, either direct or through our partners. With our property search, you can easily find them all!

About Avante Real Estate & Investment

Avante Real Estate Marbella is the founder of a network among independent agencies worldwide. The purpose is to provide our clients to easily find professional agencies in other countries. To be a member of Avante Partner Programme it is necessary to  fulfil strict criteria. Avante Real Estate Marbella is focused on properties in Spain and hotel investment worldwide with high ROI.

Avante Real Estate & Investment was founded in 2016 by Kasper Borregaard-Otzen. With experience from property development, construction and sales, the foundation was set. The desire to offer a friendly and honest approach to our clients, and a high level of professionalism keeps us on our toes. You can read more about the history and vision of Avante Properties here.

We are currently able to help you in the following languages: English, Spanish, Russian, French, German, Swedish, Danish & Norwegian. We also work with various lawyers, ensuring you will always be able to talk with a lawyer in your native language.

Avante Real Estate Marbella operates in Estepona, Benahavis, Marbella, Nueva Andalucia and Mijas. You can see all the areas where in have properties for sale, if you go to our search page. If you are looking for a property in Spain in other areas, we can help as well. We have a large network and know reliable agents in Sotogrande, Casares, Benalmadena etc. that we can recommend.

How to find

Many clients of ours are looking for a property in Spain to renovate. The purpose is either to sell, and make a profit, or to keep as a family or rental home. It is not easy to find the right property, as many clients are looking for this. To make the best purchase, and to spot the investment offers before they hit the market, you need insider information. 75% of the attractive properties with high ROI, does not reach the market. If you are considering to buy a property in Spain to renovate, sign up for our investor newsletter! You will only receive relevant properties, with clear information about its high ROI potential.

There is many properties in Spain for rent long term, and it’s a good alternative to buy a property. The market is very active, and properties to rent long term often get’s rented fast. We have a large selection of properties to rent long term, mainly from Estepona to Mijas. Have a look in our section with properties in Spain to rent long term. When you rent long term in Spain, it is important to know the law and your rights. 2 month deposit and 1 month in advance is the norm.

Many of our clients are looking for a property in Spain to buy, especially around Marbella, Benahavis, The Golden Mile and Estepona. To buy a property in Spain, there is many elements to be aware of and we have collected it all in our section property in Spain to buy If you you are looking for the perfect property to buy, head over to our search, where you can find all properties for sale.

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– Avante Real Estate Marbella helps you navigate the Spanish property market

The Spanish property market is an abundance of different properties for sale. As a result, it can be difficult to to choose the best option. The main task for Avante Real Estate Marbella is finding the right property for our clients, and we have extensive experience in this area. The most deciding factor when it comes to value for money, is the location. If you are looking at properties inMarbella for sale, you will see that prices range from 250.000 €, to 3.000.000 €. It is almost the same scenario in EsteponaSan Pedro de AlcantaraBenahavis and Mijas. To understand these big differences, we need to understand what defines the popularity of a property in Spain.


The value of a villa on Costa del Sol

For villas for sale, location is the most important, with views and privacy as close follow-up. Condition and style can make a difference in popularity and price, but are often overshadowed by its potential. Many areas also have a top limit for what a villa for sale is worth, which is hard to exceed. Be careful with luxury villas in non-luxury areas, villas with no privacy, and villas with road noise. In Avante Real Estate Marbella we have had many clients walk away from a perfect villa, because of noise. Beachfront villas are difficult to come by, and often over priced compared to the surrounding area. Certain areas have a reputation which carries a lot of value for the properties for sale. Examples are La Zagaleta, Sierra Blanca, Cascada de Camojan and Puente Romano. In these areas you pay extra to be part of an exclusive community, but it also positively affects the value of your property.


The value of an apartment on Costa del Sol

When it comes to apartments for sale, the picture is more nuanced. Location is again important, but it is not the deciding factor for the price of apartments for sale. The biggest factor is the level of luxury the apartment complex offers, together with the location. And with location refers to its distance to golf, beach or the mountains, not the actual area. Another very important element is the age of the complex, where newer apartments have a clear advantage. The size of the apartment, rooms, views and terrace size all play a role in the property value. Since buyers all have different criteria, these elements rarely define the value alone. In Avante Real Estate Marbella we can help you figure out which complexes are most suited to you!

To summarise, the value of a property in Spain, and on Costa del Sol in particular depends on many different elements. The more you know, the easier it is to find the right property. We are always happy to offer our advice, and to answer any questions you might have.